How to Give Your Partner the Best Massage


Massage therapy comes with many benefits, including relaxation, pain relief, and connection. Whether you utilize a massage gun after a tough workout, search Yelp for the best place to get a couples massage on your next date night, or offer your significant other a back rub after a long day of work, you can experience all the best qualities of a massage at home or the spa.

If you’re trying to connect with your partner physically and emotionally, offering them a do-it-yourself massage is one of the best ways to bring you closer to one another. If you’ve never given a massage before, though, the task can seem intimidating. With a few preparations and keeping thoughts in mind, you and your significant other can both enjoy the benefits of a calming, comforting at-home massage.

Study Up


You don’t need to go through a massage therapy program to learn how to give your partner the best massage possible. Spend some time researching the best massage techniques, for beginners, in particular. Learn the basic strokes to start on the right foot (or, more aptly, with the right fingers). For “extra credit,” you could even begin by practicing on yourself, easing your own knotted and tired muscles before offering a massage to your partner.

Set the Scene


A message will only be the best massage possible if it’s done in the perfect setting. Turn your room into a luxurious sanctuary with dim lights, candles, or essential oils, and calming sounds in the background. By incorporating more senses than touch alone, you can create the best place possible to give your partner the massage of their dreams. Depending on the muscles you’re aiming to relax, have your partner lie or sit down in a comfortable spot, pre-set with the ambiance you’ve created.

Communicate with your partner.


No matter if you’re mastering the basics of Swedish massage or tackling trouble spots with deep tissue basics, your partner’s comfort should be your top priority. If they’d prefer you to use a massage gun or other percussion massagers for an intense, tension-bursting massage session, go for it. Maybe they’d rather something a bit more intimate? Warm-up your massage oils and let your hands do the talking. Ask them their preferences as you go, leaving room to adjust the pressure, location, or other factors along the way.



Unlike a professional massage therapist, you don’t run the risk of receiving a bad Yelp review from your partner after your massage! Take a few deep breaths before diving into your massage session, and inhale the calming smell of lavender or your other go-to spa-like scents. Practice some self-massage techniques to help yourself unwind before you start. With the relaxing aura you’ve put into place, you and your partner will both be feeling connected and calm by the end of the massage.

Let someone else put in the effort.


A massage gun or other tool can help you get a deeper massage, relieving your partner’s tensest muscles. But, if you’ve tried to offer your DIY massage services to your partner with less-than-ideal results, you can always recruit a professional massage therapist to do it for you. Treat yourself to a day at the spa and the best massage of your life. Or, better yet, book a couples massage so you can both enjoy a break from everyday life!

Taking a DIY approach at home, using a massage gun or other tools, or heading to the spa for an individual or couples massage, a massage can bring the two of you closer together. By the end of the massage, you’ll both be more relaxed, less stressed, and given the perfect escape from day-to-day life.

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