The Best Online Credit Card Processing


As cash is slowly becoming less and less prominent in the market place today, the need for a one stop solution to all the aspects of electronic exchange is becoming a must have for any business that wants to fully maximize it’s earning potential. Anyone who has ever started a business knows how many credit card companies will call over and over, constantly wasting your time with their system that is 1% more gimmicky than the other guy’s. It’s a mess! Let there be no doubt in your mind that PayLeap has by far the best online credit card processing in the vast field that is your options. It is simple, comprehensive, and very affordable.

More and more your business needs to, no, is expected to deliver online services and catalogs. PayLeap will let you run both your storefront’s credit card system and your online options. This will reduce the time you spend checking with all your different systems and accounts. It will also let you turn your gift cards into a simple electronic format that will let your customers use and recharge their gift cards like any of the big box chains and their online credit card processing. This will give you the competitive edge you need to succeed.

Security is paramount with such sensitive data as credit card info. PayLeap is completely secure and you and your customers can rest assured that it is one of the safest online credit card processing services out there. Different levels of employee access let you keep your business’s more delicate information secure with personal management passwords.

Worried about buying new and expensive software and equipment? PayLeap’s online credit card processing is compatible with such programs as QuickBooks so you won’t have to worry about the hidden cost of upgrades. The easy to use system turns any online computer into a terminal for you to do business!

The rates are great as well. There is no annual membership fee and no monthly minimum or gateway fee. There is a tiny $.25 fee per transaction and the credit card rate is 2.15%. This is peanuts compared to how much extra revenue you will bring in with the vast scope of PayLeap’s online credit card processing services.

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