How to Do Quiet Title Action for Property


Quiet title action is something that needs to be done if it is unclear if the deed to a particular piece of property is free and clear. There are some cases in which a person might be given a piece of land or inherit property which he or she has little knowledge of. This means that it is not clear if there are other people who may be connected to the land or if there are other claimants to it. Enter the quiet title action lawsuit in where one can investigate or ask around whether all is well with this particular piece of property.

First Step

The first thing that needs to be done in order to check the status of the piece of land is to hire experts who know how to search for other claimants to the property or anything else that may be related to the deed. Included in the anything else category, are liens and being an instrument conveying the area. Once these are discovered, the company or firm that has been hired to search for these so called clouds on the deed will explain these mean. The claims are the ones that may have some weight when it comes to problems whereas other issues may not be as big as these. It may also be a good idea to access the strength of the claim by consulting an attorney who is an expert on this kind of legal issue. If the claim is valid and the others are not even worth worrying about, then the quiet title action lawsuit may not need to be even taken up.

Second Step

It may be a good idea to consult a lawyer for the next few steps because the move is not easy to navigate without any legal help. The attorney should be able to explain the local laws concerning this kind of problem with property. One thing that is apparent is the need for immediate filing of this lawsuit in order to establish ownership as soon as possible. Once the claim is filed, other claimants and people who may be connected to the property should be given notice of this. Notice will also be posted on the property in question as well as in the local circulations in order for other claimants to know about it.

Third Step

The period of time for the quiet title action lawsuit to end is dependent on the state in which it is filed. In some states it just takes twenty days for no claims to surface before the petitioner can be named the owner of the property. In other states it may take longer. Regular posting of notifications on the property and on daily newspapers should also be done during the duration of the wait. If another claimant will surface, the lawsuit will be deemed contested and will be decided by the court later on. If there are no other claimants to the property, it will be defaulted to the original claimant.

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