Ways Of Proofing Your House For Your New Pet


There are lots of strategies to think of when preparing your home for a new cat. The cat needs to be made to feel right at home but there needn’t be too much upheaval. By planning ahead you can avoid this. Taking care of any animal constitutes a commitment which is important so don’t even consider having a new pet in your household unless you’ve thought it through. The breed of cat you choose should be a perfect match for your lifestyle and that of your family

Making sure you have the correct items before you bring the cat into the household is a smart move. You’ll need a scratching post so that anyfurniture doesn’t bear the brunt, a collar and a litter tray. Separate food and water bowls will also need to be purchased and stored in a safe area, with special attention paid to hygiene. Also keep them in a place where no one can trip over them. You need to also have a bedding area for your pet to sleep with blankets and toys for your pet to occupy themselves with

Plan what rooms the cat is allowed in and which ones are off limits. For example if you’re an amateur chef who is particular about hygiene give this some consideration before it becomes an issue once you have brought your kitty home. If you don’t want certain items of furniture to be damaged ensure that you have also thought this through.

The space occupied by the cat should make it feel comfortable while ensuring your valuables won’t be damaged. If you own prized collectibles store these carefully in an appropriate cupboard or at a height the cat can’t reach.

If there are young children in your house take time to let them know how a cat should be cared for. By doing this you’ll ensure that when the pet arrives there won’t be anything that happens you didn’t expect. This also helps them to make a bond with the animal faster.

The effort you’ve made will ensure you’re all ready to have a welcoming house for you and your cat to live.

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