Buy Omega 3 Capsules To Maximize Health


There has been a lot of attention paid to omega 3 in the recent years. It has been found that the typical North American diet is deficient in this essential fatty acid and that this deficiency can lead to many health issues including acne, heart disease, kidney disease, and fatigue. There are several things that should be remembered when shopping to buy omega 3 capsules.

Firstly, omega 3 is an extremely fragile compound that will degrade if exposed to heat and light. If it does get exposed, the molecules become rancid and are no longer effective. There has been an attempt made by many of the producers to reduce the chances of breaking down the molecules in the production process, for example, cold pressing. It is for this reason that research into the process of the different brands should be completed beforehand to ensure you get a product that has intact ingredients.

There are also several types of omega 3 to choose from. Some come primarily from fish oil, others from flax seed, and still others from a variety of sea animals including seal. Flax seed is a good choice if you are concerned over mercury content in sea creatures. Be sure you are getting the benefits of flax seed by choosing a cold pressed liquid in an opaque bottle and storing it in the refrigerator.

Mercury content in fish oils have been a concern that has been getting some media attention. More than 95% of the capsules on the market, however, have less than the maximum allowable mercury content as deemed by the Food and Drug Administration. The ones that have too much were all made in China and only contain slightly more than the recommended amount.

It’s also a good idea to get a capsule that does not contain omega 6 in addition to the omega 3. Omega 6 and omega 3 should be contained in the diet in a balanced amount, however, our diets contain an abundance of omega 6 already and hardly any omega 3. It is for this reason that supplements containing omega 6 as well will be less effective in maintaining the proper balance.

Foods have been recently released that have been enhanced with omega 3 including things like margarine, eggs, and cereal bars. The amounts contained in these foods however are trace and not nearly enough to reach the recommended daily intake. These foods are also often fried before eating and the frying process degrades the omega 3 rendering it ineffective.

It is therefore important to take omega 3 supplements in order to achieve ideal health. Obtaining nutrients from natural sources is always preferred however, in North America, due to the culture, it is difficult to consume enough omega 3 in your food to achieve any benefit.

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