Keeping Furniture Safe With Moving Blankets


Moving from one place to another is quite a task. Packing, driving, and then unpacking makes everyone tired. Having all your belongings make it safely to your new home is important. So, when you are pack everything up you want to make sure you bubbled wrapped the small breakables and covered the larger ones with moving blankets. Then pack everything tightly in the truck so nothing slides around.

Your dishes, glasses, and vases can easily be wrapped in newspaper or bubble wrap, but your antique eight foot bookcase and your dresser are not that easy. Even though your bookcase, dresser, and other large items might not be what you consider your breakables, they still have stress put on them during the move. You need moving blankets to cover them and protect them while they are in the truck.

You can use the moving blankets for a variety of things, they come in very handy when you’re packing. Especially, your bigger pieces of furniture need the moving blankets to protect them during the journey to your new home.

Trucks are packed as full as possible, so you can fit everything into one. Obviously you want to pack it tight so nothing slides around, but this can cause scratching and damage to the furniture. This is just one of the things moving blankets can protect.

Furniture legs are often very fragile and can break if there is too much shaking. Because moving trucks are so large it is inevitable that the truck with vibrate. Moving blankets can actually absorb some of the vibration, which greatly lessens the stress on the furniture preventing damage.

Hazards in the road such as construction, potholes, bumps, and boxes or other object that have fallen from vehicles are dangerous for drivers, but even at slow speeds swerving, bouncing, or dropping shift your packed belongings and can cause significant damage. Again, having the moving blankets there give your furniture support and cushion the impact.

Aside from protecting wood finishes from dings and scratches, a moving blanket can help protect fragile pieces of glass that some wood furniture contains. Wrapping the large pieces of glass can help prevent them from being broken while in the moving process.

It is not just wood and glass furniture that blankets protect. In part, they are also a prevention. They can prevent things like exercise equipment from doing major damage to other items if they shift during the moving process.

As a general rule it is better to use too many moving blankets and ere on the side of caution, than to give minimal protection to your furniture. It is much more cost efficient to protect the things you have than replace them, especially if you decide they are important enough to take with you on your move. Keep your furniture safe and protected by using moving blankets next time you pack to move.

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