Pest Control for High-rise Buildings and its Maintenance


I read the news in ABC last time, about the cockroach infestation which seriously damaged the flats in a 30-story building in South Melbourne last 2015. About three hundred (300) residents complained and filed a petition to the Minister for Housing. 

Sadly, the cause of the infestation in the whole building is still not clear, whether it is the tenants’ untidiness or the building administrator’s negligence in keeping the whole premises clean and well-maintained, making it free from pests.

I realized that living in this kind of abode is quite different compared to a house and lot or townhouse since keeping the units clean and pest-free will also depend on all the residents living in the same building. Controlling pests is quite necessary for high rise buildings like this, and professional help is of utmost necessity.   

                                                                                                                                                                                       Controlling Pests in High-rise Buildings and Units

Insects such as cockroaches, silverfish, firebrats, ants, bedbugs, and spiders and rodents such as rats and mice are the common pests in most high-rise buildings. These pests tend to stay and live in each unit of the building to get their basic needs such as food, water, and shelter.  Some pests are looking for warm areas and even tend to stay in some appliances’ circuits which cause the electric appliance to malfunction. These unwanted visitors usually enter the unit through cracks underneath walls, doors, and of course, open windows.

According to landlords and caretakers, the reason for pest infestation in their buildings are due to tenants’ untidy kitchen, food spills on the floors, trash without tight lids, and clutters of some empty boxes, paper documents, and magazines kept inside the apartment for a long period of time.  

The unused items or furniture are actually perfect hiding places and breeding places of pests in each unit in the building. Also, some pests are able to enter and grow infestation through leaky faucets or leaking pipes, and air vent. 

Controlling and managing pests in a high-rise building is different from ordinary townhouses since there are several units that contribute to pest infestation. Pests have many possible hiding places in the whole building. Simple insecticides spray cannot remove the pest problems; the situation here requires professional help from a reputable pest control company.

When one homeowner tried to put traps or baits to catch or kill rats for instance, but his neighbors do not do the same, rats may come back again. It is the same thing when there is a particular unit owner who refuses to allow pest control exterminators to get inside their unit, this can possibly keep the infestation coming back again and again. Landlords might end up spending more time, effort, and money to eradicate these pests in the building thoroughly.      

Also, a monthly or bi-monthly pest control treatment of severe infestation may also be required to control pests in a high-rise building. Careful and timely treatment procedures should be maintained to keep the whole building pest-free at all times.  

Safe Pest Control Professionals at your service 

In a high-rise building, the need for pest control experts is the key to eliminate pests and prevent possible reinfestation to occur. SafePestControl is here to take your pest problems with ease while keeping your apartment unit free from destructive pests. The team of highly-efficient pest controllers will inspect, identify, and monitor the visible pests in your units and discuss thoroughly each treatment program to be applied for each pest. They will explain to you the maintenance preventive treatment plan which is scheduled every month as well.  They will also give a complete guide and advice on how to check visible signs of pest entry to your building and what to do about it.        

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