Designers such as Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, The collection, and Zeugari have all emphasized on details in Swimsuit Styles to define the 2019 contemporary swimsuit wears. The theme,” the detail makes the swimsuit” defines best what the market has to offer in swimsuit. Swimsuit styles that leave something to the imagination with the scope of skin exposed minimized is what the market yearns for. That does not mean that fashion and sexy is kicked to the back seat. Here is a list of 2019 swimsuits styles that are fashionable and sexy but do not reveal more than necessary.

1) Crochet 1-Piece Swimsuit

Crocheted swimsuits are not new because they were a hit 30 years back. Their comeback has been graced by new details that are subtle. The design adds beautiful texture to what would have been an ordinary swimsuit design with a chic bohemian element to the ensemble. They come in various creations not limited to one-piece swim wear. With this swimsuit you will put decency in sexy.

2) Crocheted Dress Swimsuit

Crocheted dresses had to be isolated from the bikinis and maillot because they represent a completely different timeline in swimsuit wear. The crocheted dresses are fabulous because they bring out the feminism in any woman by bringing out her figure. Through the dresses, you can appreciate sexy without revealing the necessary skin. The swimsuits are usually short dresses with detailed texture. The color that blends with your skin looks better. However, black or cream works with everyone.

3) Macramé 

Macramé is also an ancient design that is experiencing a vibrant revival like crochet. Macramé is mixed with other fabrics to add details to the suits to give them the unique look. The classic and true braided details in Macramé work well to cover the skin especially in the back to spell out sexy in a different way. Neck straps and swimsuit bottom sides brings out the best of Macramé. The versatility of Macramé is what makes it attractive to the eye of most designers. It can be incorporated in many ways that bring out the innovation in design.

4. Bustiers

Accentuating the bustline has been the focus of most of the 2014 bikini design trends. Both average and ample bosom women find bustier tops functionally relevant because they offer great support. The bustiers featured in 2014 include stylish corset backs with lovely lace-up detail and removable push-up padding features. Some bustiers can be worn out off the beach because they are longer at the torso. The style is common with two-piece suits but some one-piece swimsuits adopt the design.

5. Ruffled Swimsuit

Ruffled swimsuits cannot be ignored when it comes to accentuating sexiness. The good thing with ruffled swimsuits is that they can stretch this makes them both functionally relevant and beautiful to look at as they bring out the sexiness within. Ruffled Swimsuits work well with one piece because they can cover a large part of the skin and still look trendy.

6. Ruched One-Piece Swimsuit

The Ruched One-Piece Swimsuit is great for curvaceous bodied girls. The skin at the back is left visible while the rest of the body including the stomach, hips and derriere are completely covered. The strap behind the neck is thick being that it is an extension of the cloth that covers the breast.

7. Ruched Retro Swimsuit

The Ruched Retro Swimsuit is a conservative vintage designed swimsuit. The suit is excellent for slim girls. The suit has straps holding it up. It also has a cloth covering the groin. Like the Ruched One-Piece Swimsuit the stomach, hips and derriere are all covered.

8. Two-piece Ruched and Shirred Swimsuit

With a little extra ruched fabric streamlining this swimwear, you get your body covered with your shape and curves accentuated. This swimsuit has ruching or shirring in areas that should not be exposed leaving only the arms, stomach, and legs exposed. This is the most daring piece on the list of 10 Swimsuit Styles That Leave Something To The Imagination.

9. Two-piece Bandeau Swimsuit

The Bandeau Swimsuit is a stylistic swimsuit. The suit covers from the cleavage going down to the diaphragm with an opening in the back. The ruched back swimsuit is ideal for swimmers who want their backs to be exposed but their lower bottom well covered.

10. Halter One-Piece Swimsuit

The Halter One-Piece Swimsuit is a sexy swimsuit. The suit accentuates the cleavage. Otherwise, the suit covers a big percentage of the body. 2014 is a year of varied designs of swimsuit styles appreciating both new and old designs.

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