In a world of selfies, Instagram, Facebook and a plethora of social media platforms it is imperative to always be prepared to strike a pose and look gorgeous doing it. Whether you’re photogenic or not you can acquire the necessary tips that will make you look great in pictures no matter your face structure or features. Applying the 12 makeup tips that make you look great in pictures used below along with an experienced photographer can lead to memorable photos that can be great for professional use as well as an impressive way to identify yourself to friends on social media sites.

1) Hygiene:

A pretty face is a clean face. It cannot be stressed enough how beautiful health is and how well it can be communicated from a photograph. No matter how striking your features may be or movie-star gorgeous you look, without a hygienic foundation or routine your features will be ignored.

While there are many facial cleansers and scrubs on the market, designed to lure people in with celebrity endorsements, many of the best facial cleansers come from niche markets that are hardly ever heard of by most people. Juara is one such company that manufactures a rice-based facial cleanser that has a subtle, foaming effect on the user’s skin, but is powerful in preventing the formation of blemishes and acne without drying out skin, a problem major manufacturers have with facial cleaners.

This is one of the widest areas for skin treatment, so research a brand and product line that caters to your specific skin needs.

2) Moisturize:

Aiding in the cleanliness of a person’s face, is the health of your skin. While regular consumption of water is a must for anyone seeking to have great skin, it simply isn’t enough on its own. One way to combat the effects of drying skin caused by our daily lives and the ever-changing environment of the modern age is to moisturize your skin. This can give you a healthy appearance where makeup simply cannot compete on its own.

MAC face cream studio moisture cream is priced at mid-range for face-specific moisturizers and helps in reduction of oils and perspiration. This is the kind of moisturizer that has been designed for average and dry-skinned persons in mind. Whether you feel that you need to moisturize or not, chances are that you do. Whether you can afford to shell out hundreds a year for moisturizers or not, it is still crucial that you feed your skin what it needs to function healthily.

3) True Light:

Before even considering what kinds of makeup you’ll need for your photos, you should consider where you will be taking these pictures. For most, there will be use of natural light, as it helps with costs for the photographer and the subject. With that being the case, it is also the conditions one should use when applying their makeup. By using natural light to see how colors and textures will look on your skin, you can get a better idea of the effect if will have in the picture. Artificial light can skew this, giving you a different product in the end.

4) Primer:

When going into something as intensive as preparing your face for a photo shoot, mixing in many different kinds of makeup for the specific purpose of being photographed, it is important to make sure it all stays where it needs to be. Studio lights can get hot, holding a pose for minutes on end can be frustrating, and perspiration from either of these activities can cause even the highest quality makeup to wash off your face.

Mirabella’s Beauty Prime can aid in holding all your makeup properly without fear of having to clean and reapply after a day of shoots.This is an industry favorite; use it on both your face and eyes. It is slightly higher in price than those of Revlon and other more consumer-friendly lines however, the quality of Mirabella cannot be understated when you see how little is needed in application to have the desired effect. In this case, the cost is definitely worth it.

5) Mineral-based Makeup:

While these baseline products are fine when on the go, the workplace, or everyday use, these are the bane of photographers. Mineral-based makeup can produce glare when there is no moisture present, making things link blotting power and blotting film ineffective in revealing the true face beneath the shine on the lens.

Yes these kinds of makeup can have an appeal by being cost effective to the average consumer, but when the quality of photograph is in question it simply isn’t worth the money saved. If budgets are an issue, consider reducing the amount of makeup you initially planned on using for your photo shoot. If you deemed that an unnecessary or unwanted move, extend the time frame to expand your budget to get the products you need. Just know that the use of these products, in the attempt to save some money, can work against you in the final product.

6) Blot Powder:

One thing that can distract any photographer when capturing their subject is unwanted refraction of light. This can obscure the subject in question as well as ruining the photograph as a whole. As if that wasn’t bad enough, unwanted shining of light due to perspiration or oils sitting on the surface of the skin can highlight blemishes in a way that no one would ever want immortalized in a photograph. One way to solve this issue is with blot powder. Applying this powder to you T-zone (clear across your forehead and down to your chin following the bridge of your nose) can give a cleaner look at your face on camera.

Sephora carries a line of blotting powders that not only limit the shine that can occur during photographs, but also feeds your skin with moisturizing agents to combat shine for longer. Though priced slightly higher than competitors, this line of blotting powder comes without unwanted chemicals that would need to be counterbalanced with other products to maintain healthy skin.

7) Concealer:

Another unwanted sight in a photograph are blemishes. While acne and hyper-pigmentation are common enough that almost everyone has them, they aren’t things that make us look our best in photos. One thing that helps with that is the use of a concealer. Applying even the smallest amounts around troubled areas can greatly reduce, and in some cases eliminate, the sight of blemishes on your skin.

While prices on concealers jump around from label to label, know that the chemical composition is relatively the same all over the market. So whether you’re buying Revlon or the unspecified label at the drugstore, chances are that they will both have a similar effect on your skin. One thing that should be considered, however, is how well a concealer matches your true skin tone. Dipping too far in either area can have unwanted effects and skew the effect you were originally going for in your photo.

8) Matte Colors:

Simplicity is a sign of refinement for many reasons, and in applying makeup this is especially true. While glitter and sparkling is fun for a night at a club or a lounge or a costume party it won’t fit in at your average photo shoot. Even in themed shoots where high fantasy might be the theme, most makeup artists will create the illusion using matte colors, appreciating their almost neutral effect on the skin, appearing natural rather than manufactured.

Clinique produces an oil-free matte makeup that covers virtually all tones. These are essential for any photo shoot and most experienced photographers would find it odd if a subject expected to be photographed without it. It is the standard item for making your natural color radiate organically without being overshadowed by additives. I worked for Clinique as a beauty advisor back in my undergrad years and have always loved their simple approach to beauty. You cannot go wrong with this brand.

9) Mascara & Eye Liner:

In the world of fashion and photography, one color is loved and revered more than any other. This color exists in nature and is so foundational to the art of photography that it is nearly impossible to photograph a subject in a non-manipulated setting without it. The color is, of course, black. With black mascara and eye liner, any person can make their eyes not only pop in pictures, but appear much more vibrant than they ever could to the naked eye.

Being a standard in makeup repertoires, eye liner and mascara can be effective and safe to use from nearly any manufacturer without worry. The only thing that one should concern themselves with, whether for pictures or everyday life, is clumping. Many cheaper makeup brands in the past have had issues with clumping mascara. Make sure the brand you purchases claims anti-clumping before purchasing.

10) Eyes:

Another trick to make your eyes more prominent in photos is to whiten the sclera of your eyes. The slcera, the whites of your eyes, are highly sensitive and prone to drying out when under many studio lights, holding a pose for several minutes while a photographer searches for the right vantage point. One way to fix this issue is with eye drops. Plain saline will do, and with it being such a common product, you can find it nearly anywhere for next to nothing.

11) Blush:

The use of blush should come as obvious to any woman who’s had a history of using makeup. Choosing to go without could cause a person to not only look flush, and at times unhealthy, but could reduce a person’s features under the flash of a professional camera. Applying a blush that compliments your skin color can greatly increase the likelihood of having your features appear slightly more prominent in pictures.

NARS blush is an industry favorite of professional cosmetologists who have to prepare faces of all kinds to appear striking in a photograph. Other blushes could achieve the same effect and be easier to obtain and closer to budget than this brand. Simply steer clear of any with oils in their ingredients to achieve maximum definition in photos.

12) Lipstick:

This can be considered a point of debate for some. From one perspective it could be considered to be distracting to have a color that could potentially draw attention from the whole of the subjects face, making some opt for the use of a naked gloss or nothing at all. However, what a gloss can’t do for a person’s lips, lipstick can. Consider the effect mascara and eye liner can have on the eyes and apply them to lips. Lipstick can give proper volume and shape to lips in a photo that they cannot have on their own.

Revlon, probably one of the best recognized names on the makeup market, can provide anyone with any color they could possibly desire. They have different lines that range in price from affordable to quite costly, but the quality of their products is always present. Whether you want to strike a statement with an onyx black or a crimson red, or rather be more conventional by having a color that makes your lips appear to be free of cover, using lipstick can make or break a face’s presence in pictures.

As these are techniques that work for nearly all women, please ensure that you are utilizing tones and colors that compliment your natural skin tone, not overpower them. Applying the right colors along with proper technique are also a must when applying any kind of makeup, no matter the brand. Using these 12 makeup tips that make you look great in pictures you are sure to have a photogenic presence in each shot that would impress any entertainment industry veteran.

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